What I Feel



i’m picturing the first time that meritosh is intimate
and to clarify, in my mind this simply means that they go beyond kissing,
i can see them before the fire sort of like they are right now,
merida beneath him as he covers her neck and her chest with kisses
it won’t always be like this, but…



He had returned from Berk only a few nights before. She still remembered his kisses, and when she caught his gaze from across the room she smiled and quickly looked away. It was their secret. Later she found him again behind a corridor, hot breath escaping from their noses and warm bodies pressed…

lovelyflowinglocks: [runs past and manages to sneak a quick kiss, the wee devils hot on his trail carrying honey and goose feathers]


He catches her just after her studies, when her fingertips are smudged with ink and her spirits are low. For just a moment everything softens a little around the edges and she sighs, reaching for him. But he’s gone before she can mark him and a frustrated huff leaves her.

"Dae whit ye want with him, but keep his hair in tact. I’ll only have him fer his lovely flowing locks!" she calls after her brothers.

out of lax? can't buy it?


do the salt water cleanse/flush.

what you need:

  • Sea Salt - 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon
    1. Make sure you don’t used iodized table salt. NON-iodized sea salt is essential.
  • And Pure Water – 1 quart of warm water

This is a safe alternative to laxatives….


when people start to say “It looks like you lost weight…”

when your jeans are a little less snug

when you start to be able to walk that extra block

when you are able to go 6 hours without food and not get pain

when your workout shorts fit just a little better

… you know it is all worth it

lovelyflowinglocks: ✉ ❤


[2:34 AM] no

[2:34 AM] nope

[2:35 AM] fine

[2:36 AM] it was pretty cool when u caught all those plates

[voicemail] He’s nae going tae pick up - crap. Um, hi. I just wanted tae say thanks. I mean, fer bringing m’ homework an’ stuff. Well the homework sucked, bu’ ye also brought pie sae I’m nae as mad. It’s all gone now, haha - sneeze - Och.

Sae, um, thanks again. I’ll be back working a’ the Carver as soon as I can. The horny toad ‘s probably working ye ragged.

Thanks. Bye. Thanks.


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